Willa’sJune - December 2021
Willa’s is an award-winning neighborhood eatery in Tampa, FL. I assisted with design, construction, and install of custom freestanding pieces.

Two custom freestanding service stations for storing tableware and linens, based on Willa’s existing furniture, which features curved birchwood and cane paneling.

Drafted original conceptual drawings, developed the process for production, assisted with CNC settings, and installed the cane panelling.
Once the draft concept was approved by the client, Atticus Co. encountered the dilemma of producing curved pieces in the round without a lathe 
or steam bending equipment. I solved this by separating the railing into planes, and cutting the sections individually on the CNC. The square pieces were run through the router table with a heavy round-over attachment on all sides, creating the tube shape. These sections were then assembled into the railing’s final form, and inlaid with caning.

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