Heat Wave
March 2021

An experimental typeface embodying heat; the Florida swamps, deepfried Internet aesthetics, and Twitter slang 
for general swagger.
1. An experimental typeface, characters A-Z and 0-9
2. Typeface sample ephemera including posters, wrist-bands, and festival identity

Undergraduate project in University of South Florida Advanced Typography course
Heat Wave is a response to an open-ended, negative-space priority typography brief, and an irrational fear of Flamingo, FL, which is situated at the very tip of the Florida peninsula. 

The letterforms were designed to appear as though bloating and swelling in on themselves like metal, wood, or bodies in the Florida heat. Creative direction for the Heat Wave visual identity was influenced by rave flyers and “deepfried” internet aesthetics, oversaturating colors and distorting definition to mimic blinding sun and mirage effects. 

I drafted the alphabet in ink on graph paper, then scanned into Illustrator to outline. Then I used personal and found imagery to create a festival identity modeled after rave flyers. 

A typeface inspired by
the Florida heat

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