Public Art/Space
May 2021

Public Art / Space is a study of socially engaged artworks that activate their surrounding environments through spatial and conceptual relationships on the University of South Florida campus. 
A handmade book of six evaluative essays grouped by hand-cut “lenses” to categorize works by theme, social and physical impact. 

Public Art/Space is my undergraduate Graphic Arts thesis project, researched and created during my final semester at University of South Florida. 
Successful public art has the power to create places as well as exist inertly within them; what was once an empty, blank space can become a gathering point (such as a plaza) or a focal point in an environment where no interest existed before. The University of South Florida’s Contemporary Art Museum’s emphasis on social engagement has fostered a public art collection that activates environments by facilitating social interactions in gathering spaces, providing physical pathways, and creating symbolic wayfinding throughout the Tampa campus. 

This book focuses on CAM’s Public Art collection as a microcosm of successfully activated public works that create a network of physical and conceptual pathways on the USF Tampa campus.

Claire Casper Design Portfolio2024