Royal Blues Farm
December 2023

Royal Blues is a blueberry farm owned by a family friend in Dade City, FL. She contracted me to design a sign and Instagram photo wall across the entire side of her barn during the off season.
Mural design and execution

Planned, designed, and painted mural, as well as contracting and managing a team of helpers (and friends ).
I hand-drew the mural design and negotiated a fair price. Once the mural was approved, I stayed the night at the farm to project and trace the design, then worked away at the painting for two weeks. The corrugated metal was challenging because straight lines were difficult to cut, and the metal was almost completely non-porous, which required 3-4 coats to get a solid color. Due to the size of the mural and brutal weather shortening the workday, I had to train friends as muralists to get the job done.


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